Selected Artworks

Here You Can Only Gain Respect by Killing Other Men
Every Shot from Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera as an Animated GIF
The Migration Stops Here / Zugunruhe
Slip & Slide
Time not a video
Renée Taking a Sip of Water (Human and Video in Motion)
The Ryan Driver Sextet: Music Videos
Hands-On (Hands)
Massive Mix
Crayola Green

Landscape Series
Lost Signal Saturdays at Art and Drinks
Transition Practice
Lighthouse: The Full Moon Series
Exploding Head Shots
The Balloons of India
Window Gazing
The Invisible Monster (top left corner one-ninth)
Otters in Three
Hand Filters
Window Array — Percussion Array
2 Stewart Window
07-16-03, 8:35am
TV Series
On Film
Contingent Rhythms