Window Array — Percussion Array (2004)

Window Array–Percussion Array, live site-specific video mixing performance with composer/musician Martin Arnold, 45 min.
Documentation: 16 min. 58 sec.

A site-specific, live music and video mixing performance made at and for the Arraymusic Studio in Toronto. Martin Arnold mixed pre-recorded with live improvised music as I mixed pre-recorded with live video, all of which (music and  video) was captured from within the Arraymusic Studio where the piece was performed.  Video images were collected of, on and through the studio’s central window over a period of a week prior to the performance and projected back onto the window in a live mix; meanwhile,  a moon-like video exploration of the floor played on the ceiling. Arnold improvised live to recorded music he composed using all of the vast collection of Array’s percussion instruments in the space.

Performed at Rat-drifting Experimental Music and Art Series, Arraymusic Studio, Toronto, March 3, 2004.