Rēcord/Rĕcord (2011)

Rēcord/Rĕcord, two-channel video projection installation onto street-front windows with musical selections by D.J. Helen M., Holy Oak Café, Toronto.

A year’s worth of exploring the land with my beloved toy video camera: the Harinezumi. 8 hours of video presented in two channels covering themes of earth, water and air, projected onto the café windows, viewed by an indoor and outdoor audience.  Inside the café people watch, listen to music, drink, talk and dance to the soulful musical selections of Toronto’s DJ Helen M.

Performed at:
Rēcord/Rĕcord, Holy Oak Café, Toronto, May 6, 2011.
Rēcord/Rĕcord II, The Sapphire Room, Peterborough, October 15, 2011.