Water (2003)

Water, super 8 film, b&w, 3 min. 

A static camera shot of hard rain in a shallow puddle at night lit by an overhead light. Over the course of three minutes, the aperture position moves from from closed to wide open–the film is slowly exposed over time and the image rises from blackness. The video reproduction of this film is significantly different in appearance to the original super 8 film – a noisy and somewhat unpredictable quality to the changes in image that I have come to appreciate as much as the softer and more subtle film original. It is very much its own piece.  In both versions the sound of the film projector is the soundtrack to the piece: when viewing the film, it is the live sound from the projector; in the video, it is the live sound recording from the projector I used for the transfer.

Screened at:
Slash Super 8 Film Event, Ting, Toronto, August 2003.