Lighthouse: The Full Moon Series (2008 – 2009)

Lighthouse: The Full Moon Series, live video mixing projected onto window, Kensington Market, Toronto, once a month for 3 hours beginning at sunset.

The Lighthouse was my home in Kensington Market, Toronto. The Full Moon Series was year-long series (2008 – 2009) of live video mixing events projected onto my studio-apartment window for an outdoor audience, once a month on the night of the full moon. It was part of a sustainable, lived art practice where the intended audience was my community. Mixes were made using a stand-alone video mixer and were comprised of a combination of pre-recorded material and live camera (often taken through the window it was projected back onto). Mixes would change constantly (if sometimes very slowly) throughout  the course of the evening and would have different themes from month to month.  Each performance was three hours long beginning at sunset. Some viewers knew to gather due to the full moon, and others were Kensington Market neighbours and unwitting passers-by.