AGO Massive Mix (2012)

AGO Massive Mix Series: video mixing for the Art Gallery of Ontario’s major fundraising event of the year, Massive Party.  5 hours of live video mixing featuring site-specific video mixes from within the AGO and mixes made from the Group of Seven collection.

AGO Massive Mix: 17 Cement Corners Mix, live site-specific video mixing, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

17 Cement Corners Mix: The space in which I was video mixing has 17 cement corners produced by 7 concrete support columns. This is a video mix of all 17 corners in order from 1 to 17 moving clockwise around the columns and around the room. It is a slow, continuous mix, always in a state of change.

AGO Massive Mix: Common Window Mix, live site-specific video mixing, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

Common Window Mix: a site-specific video mix using material collected from one of the giant windows in the Education Commons room of the AGO where I was mixing for the Massive Party. This is an ordinary window, a shared window, and a window in a room named “Commons”: it is a common window. I captured video in real time out the window of the daytime view and projected and mixed it back onto the same window for nighttime viewers. The mixes are slow and subtle and the images feature a lot real-time movement of sunlight and shadows.

Above Lake Superior Mix, live video mixing, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

Above Lake Superior Mix: this mix was put together in the spirit of my Landscape Series where I explore the material of video and camera failure in an attempt to break from the cultural meanings and dominant narratives embedded in the genre of Canadian Landscape Art. I recorded Lawren Harris’ iconic “Above Lake Superior” from the AGO’s Group of Seven collection, exploiting my camera’s inability to maintain auto-focus when too close to the subject. The result is an abstracted image continuously shifting focus. I mix this with the same close-up segment in sharp focus, manually pulling the image into and out of focus during the live mix.