Otters in Three (2005)

Otters in Three, video, 19 min, silent.

This video is part of a series where I use musical composition methodologies to organize visual material. It takes its form from musical canons (sometimes called “rounds”) following the compositional rules of an “interval canon in three”. The  footage of an otter swimming in an aquarium is taken from the early 1970’s children’s  television show, “The Hilarious House of Frightenstein”. Originating from an old and damaged VHS tape, the already degraded image becomes further distorted in interesting ways when digitized,  creating the foundation for the imagery which is looped, slowed down to one percent of its original speed then back again to normal speed and overlaid in 3 intervals.

The other two pieces in this series are T.V. Series and Contingent Rhythms.

Screened or exhibited at:
Le Téléphone Rouge, Sherbrooke, Québec, February 2007.
Tranzac Club, Toronto, October 2005.
Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts Gallery, York University, Toronto, January 2005.