Moonstruck (2021)

Moonstruck, video, 3 min. 26 sec.
Excerpt: 50 sec.

Moonstruck. From the Latin ‘lunaticus’. This is when one becomes mentally deranged—crazed—under the influence of the moon. Stories of humans being adversely affected by the moon date back to antiquity and are culturally far reaching. Under its glare one can become mad and dangerous; one might even shapeshift into a wolf! In the West we are most familiar with the phenomena of lunacy and lycanthropy (werewolfery) though popular film. When the full moon enters the frame, we know something wicked is coming our way. Moonstruck is a testament to the moon as used in the horror genre. I use shots of the full moon from 9 different horror movies and intercut them two frames at a time. In a sense, I am animating them together to create a single moon scene made from many. The audio comes from the moon footage and is treated in the same way. Several soundtracks—foreboding music, screams and murderous confessions, all playing in rapid succession, two frames at a time generating a manic soundscape. Is everything going to be okay? No, probably not.

(Best viewed full screen by clicking on Vimeo logo in bottom right corner and viewing on Vimeo).

Exhibited at the plumb gallery, Toronto, Canada (2021)